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Jan. 25th, 2010

fav. GUYcelebs... ;)

  • Taecyeon - tell me someone who is better at rapping. TELL ME!!!\
  • Nickhun - um, hello? its nickhun :) thai + brit/american? = LOVE
  • Junho- hehehehe looks like rain xD
  • Jaybeom- leader :'( please come back (if you want to), friggin hot (body = <3)
  • Wooyoung- HAHAHHAHAHAHAA. cute :) esp when he acts gay. JOKING! XD
  • Jonghyun- honey to your ears lol...watch his cover of Baby Baby on youtube..daaaang
  • Key - Soooo hot <3 verrry nice dancing...to girl group songs XD
  • Minho - model material. just.....model material :P
Jaejoong (DBSK)- looks like a girl *ducks from enraged fangirls* ....but is inhumanly hot....*accepts pats on the back by said fangirls*Yamada Ryosuke- JUST WATCH HIS DRAMAS AND YOU"LL KNOW <3

Yokoyama Yu- omg his smiirk his SMIRK! so hot =3

Miurma Haruma- hello? bloody monday? and soon to be bloody monday 2? <3 x 100000

Yamapi- umm, I dont see why I have to justify this? XD

Yoo Seung Ho- sooo cute in Tiara's Lies mv, crazy good acting in QSD...extremely talented at smirking :)

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)- wow. good looking much? started liking him after watching We Got Married where he was coupled with Hwangbo..... most retarded/naive sense of humour ever!! supersuper funny, theirs was the only couple i watched :)

Jeong Yong Hwa, aka Shinwoo from You're Beautiful- i like him. End of story.

Super Junior
  • Hankyung- He went through so much, it's amazing how he has managed to succeed. Amazing personality, just watch the youtube vid "Let's learn about Hankyung" (or something like that)....amazing.
  • Heechul- HILARIOUS!!!!!! And I love how he's secretly an amazingly supportive friend (esp to Hankyung). Watch the "Let's Learn about Heechul" vid....astonishing :P Love how he believes friendship cannot be confined to one culture
Lee Byung Hun (aka the Korean guy in G.I. Joe! Woot! Break into Hollywood!)- see the brackets =3

Kamenashi Kazuya- his dramas, omg his dramas!!!!

JIN- heard he's cocky as hell but, well, its understandable :D

Show Luo- hahahhahaa heheheheheh ahaha...ahehee......ahem*

Mike He- hott <3 plus he was the main lead in my first asian drama, Devil Beside You (awesomeness...it got me into asian dramas~~)

I'll add more when I think of them X)

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Hmmm..not sure how to use this site even though I made an account a looong time ago.. :) Darn why am I even writing this I need to do my english paper TT___TT

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